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we all know them and we all have them in our lives and we deal with them in business. But how can we deal with them and still be professional? Human Resource expert, Susan Healthfield gives a few tips on how to handle difficult people:



Examine yourself. If you find yourself dealing with a difficult person, Healthfield encourages you to take a look at the situation – are you overreacting? Have you always experienced difficulty when dealing with this person? Look for patterns. Examine yourself and determine if there are certain “buttons” you have that this person can easily push.



Talk to someone. Talk to someone you trust – a close colleague or friend and explain what is happening. “When you are the object of an attack, or your boss appears to support the dysfunctional actions of a coworker, it is often difficult to objectively assess your options.” states Healthfield. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective from someone to help you deal with the situation.



Address the issue. Take some time to speak with the person you are having issues with. Explain how their actions affect you. “Be pleasant and agreeable as you talk with the other person.” says Healthfield, “They may not be aware of the impact of their words or actions on you. They may be learning about their impact on you for the first time.” Make sure to reach an agreement about the both of you becoming more positive and commit to move forward.



Remove yourself from the situation. There are times in which you have to just walk away. Some people will not change no matter how much talking you do. Remember, there is no rule that states that you have to get along with everyone. When a difficult person chooses to not change the way they act, take the high road and walk away.

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